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We cannot recommend speedtest.net for checking your connection; it seem to try to locate test servers in regional cities, whereas our connection to the Internet is in Dublin, directly.
Those servers are not well connected for the purposes of testing, for e.g. connections to services like Netflix. They test the ‘long way around’.

We recommend Openspeedtest, which does not attempt this incorrect misdirection.

Please remember:
– Your test will be terrible if you’re away from your wifi router. Get up close.
– If everybody in the house is using the wifi at the same time, you’re going to get what’s left over for the test. Ask them to stop and then test.
– We really recommend you’re connected with a cable to that router, but we know that’s not always possible.
– You may be being limited by your package, or your cap. We strive to give you what you pay for, and we do have higher packages available.


A video to illustrate the issue is here:

What if there’s an issue:
Get in touch with info@wwcbb.net.  We’re happy to hear from you.

We’re likely to ask questions like “any hedges grown in the way” or “Is your radio still on the wall”, is the ‘Internet’ light still on your router, and “Has anybody been fiddling with your wifi router.”   Only some of those issues we can help you with 🙂

If there’s a general issue, or an issue on a specific receiver affecting more than one customer, we will provide an update on our Facebook page.