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  • Best wireless coverage in West Waterford
  • Experts in delivering broadband
  • Affordable broadband packages to choose from
  • We reinvest in this community
  • A local and dedicated team to resolve issue
  • Our track record

Best wireless coverage in West Waterford

We have placed transmitters in no-viable locations just so that people can get connected. Being local we know the people and the terrain, we have transmitters in may locations around the area ensuring 99% coverage.

Experts in delivering broadband

2018 is our seventh year in operation, anything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, we have learned from these experiences and built a resilient network capable of transferring high capacity data with low latency for our users, year on year we further invest in the network to ensure a better experience for our users.

Affordable broadband packages to choose from

Our basic package starts at €29.99 a month, no other wireless operators in the area offers as much as we do for as low a price

We reinvest in this community

We are the only wireless operator in the area to sponsor local events, we donate monies to local schools and clubs, we have invested in free Wifi spots in public areas around the community

A local and dedicated team to resolve issue

We have been there, depending on others from outside the area to provide us with internet. It hasn’t worked out, this is why we have built this network.

And this is why we strive to ensure the best service with minimum downtime

  • We know our customers personally, we meet them at schools, matches, social events, funerals, weddings etc
  • Money is not our primary concern, we constantly upgrade and maintain this network because we are proud of what we have achieved.
  • We constantly push our own boundaries, investing in new equipment to roll out faster speeds to our users. We are one of the few wireless network operators in the country to be able to supply a 20Mb package.
  • We use this network for our work, if there is a fault in the network then we are affected also, for us to be online, we have to have everyone online.

Our track record

  • September 2011: Started the scheme on a shoestring budget, installed one transmitter and bought bandwidth from a provider in Ballymacoda
  • August 2012 – March 2013: Paid back initial debt and reinvested all profits back into setting up new areas that had no service
  • August 2013: Using all the profits generated for the scheme again we upgraded our main link to five times the capacity of the original speed and doubled all our customers speeds without any additional cost to the consumer
  • August 2014: Moved to a more stable provider using funds generated from the scheme, updated all our transmitters to newer technologies so that we could allow for a better service to our customers
  • August 2015: Once again using funds generated from the scheme we updated our core router, Updated our key locations with APC UPS Power supplies, updated our main transmitters batteries to cover 10hrs of electrical downtime
  • August 2016: To stay ahead of our customers anticipated usage for 2016-2017 we tripled our bandwidth from UPC, this involved installing new radio equipment and acquiring a licence to transmit the signal from our location to the UPC Core network. As things were now getting more serious we became a limited entity(Localhost Ltd), also we had to register for VAT which meant a potential price increase for our consumers but as the users on the scheme increases so did the profits and we absorbed the cost in VAT which is currently 23% of all revenues.
  • August – November 2017: Once again to stay ahead of our customers anticipated usage for 2016-2017 we tripled our bandwidth from UPC(Now virgin Media), this again involved installing new radio equipment, Storm Ophelia flattened one of our transmitting stations where we had to rebuild from scratch. We rubbished old transmitters at Claddagh and Kilamaloo to install newer technologies and started trialling our 20Mb service. Sponsored free wifi hotspots for public users in Piltown Hall, Clashmore Heritage Centre & Clashmore Old Schoolhouse.
  • Going forward, January 2018: 20Mb service testing complete so now we continue upgrading of transmitters and further investmentment in our network to ensure that we can achieve transit for the 100’s of Mb to our substations within the network.

We are constantly reinvesting and improving the network so that you the user can get the best experience

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