West Waterford Community Broadband is ceasing operations.

The purpose of the email is to inform you that from the 20th of May 2023 West Waterford Community Broadband is ceasing operations.

Why is this happening:

Firstly, we would like to thank all our customers over the past years for their support. We had setup this company as there was a need in the area for faster internet as services in West Waterford was poor or “not at all”. It was never our intention for this business to grow as it did, but our customers demand grew, and we had no option but to grow with them. Being a small operation, it is no longer financially viable for us to provide you the customer with the service that we expect.

When will this happen:

The 20th April 2023 will be the last pay date for direct debits, from that date all direct debits will be cancelled from the Go Cardless Direct Debit system

On the 20th May 2023 we will cease all transmission, after that time, we will no longer be available to provide service.

What do I have to do:

You will need to get a new provider for your internet:

If you would like to support local and use your current equipment and switch to a wireless provider or internet over fibre: see the local companies below in alphabetical order


(0)86 0599583



024 36010


Premier Broadband

0818 111777


For those in the fiber enabled area and wanting a national provider, check out https://www.bonkers.ie/compare-tv-broadband-phone/