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Check the power supply to the outside receiver


The power supply:
The outside receiver is powered by the power adapter as shown below, when it is powered up it it has a green or white light(depending on model) 

POE is short for Power Over Ethernet which allows us to use the same cable as a power cable and data transfer to bring internet from the receiver located outside to the wireless router inside. Unplug the power to the POE for 10 seconds or until the light on the Power light is out. Plug back in and allow 2 minutes for the modem to power up and re-establish connection to the tower.

.Are all the Cables Plugged in?
Sometimes cables can come unplugged due to pets, crawling/foot traffic, accidents, etc. If cables are unplugged, please plug them back into their designated spots. The cable that goes outside the dish needs to plug into the port labeled POE or Power. The Router will plug into the port labeled LAN, Internet or To Computer.


Power Supply to outside receiver