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Trouble shooting the wifi router

West Waterford Community Broadband supply mainly TP Link routers, they are normally bulletproof. But if you do have bother have a look below

Trouble shooting the wifi router


Check Power

Check to see if you have any lights on the router, if you have no lights then check to see if the cable to the wall is plugged in and the power button has been pressed. If you still have no power then contact us


Check Cables

Is the cable coming for the black power supply leading into the blue(WAN) port of the router, just check that they are seated in correctly.


Disconnect everything else

Sometimes other internal devices on the network can conflict with the router, please disconnect all other cables coming from the Yellow(LAN) side of the router and check to see if you have service.


Reset the router

If all else fails please reset the router, there is a rest button on the back of the router which should be presses in with a pin or paperclip, hold in the reset button for 10-15 seconds and the router will reset to default settings, newer routers will have a password printed on the back of the router but the older ones will have no passwords and this can be set using the instructions on the following link. Change wifi password


The picture below shows the wifi password on newer models

TP Link wifi password