Our Fair Usage Policy(FUP) expained*

Like most communities there has to be a set of rules in place to protect the interests of the many.

Being a wireless network, we – through the limitations of the technology, available spectrum and weather conditions, amongst others – have many limitations with equipment and the environment in so far as how much speed that we can get from A to B at any one point in time.

The majority of our users are using the service for moderate use, Web Browsing, VOIP, Gaming and streaming of live services. We also have other users that constantly download and upload large files, be it with or without their knowledge. As a result, these types of broadband users can reduce the what should be a pleasant experience for other people on the network.

When these minority users infringe on the experience of the majority, we will enforce the Fair Usage Policy outlined below.

We have a Daily limit in force for the following packages

Package Speed
Daily Fair Usage

Limits Gb

Over Limit
Over 1.5 times
Limit speed
Speed from
Midnight to 08:00am regardless
of Limit**
€20.00* 2Mb/512k 2 50% 33% 200%
€25.00* 3Mb/512k 3 50% 33% 200%
€29.99 4Mb/1Mb 4 50% 33% 200%
€35.00* 6Mb/1Mb 6 50% 33% 200%
€39.99 8Mb/2Mb 8 50% 33% 200%
€45.00 10Mb/2Mb 10 50% 33% 200% if possible
€49.99 20Mb/4Mb 15 50% 33% 200% if possible

*Indicates that this package is no longer available 

What happens when the daily limit is reached?

We don’t charge anything when the limit is reached, but what we do is automatically reduce your speeds, this enables other users on the system to have a reasonable speed.

What if I have to download large files: updates for operating systems, gaming consoles and the like?

We have taken this into consideration so for the benefit of all; our network traffic is un-monitored from 11:59pm to 08:00am daily

When will my allowance be reset ?

You allowance is reset @ 11:59pm daily

How to control the amount of data you consume:

How can I control how much data Netflix uses

How to control how much data other services use

I can’t figure out what’s using all the data?

Start with:

  • continually connected devices
  • running applications that stream or download large media files – like TV streaming services on for hours every day
  • devices that require enormous updates (like games consoles that have enormous updates before you start playing)


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