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Our 20Mb Service

We are one of the few wireless operators in Ireland to offer a 20Mb broadband service, the task is not an easy one as we could achieve a 10Mb service with little to no issues but we wanted to test ourselves, we knew it could be achieved and the technology…

How does fixed wireless broadband work?

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What is Fixed Wireless Fixed wireless broadband is a type of high-speed internet access where connections to service providers use radio signals rather than cables. Fixed wireless broadband can support speeds upwards of 100+ Mbps.   Fixed Wireless Internet Equipment and Setup West Waterford Community BroadBand have several transmitters located…

Our Fair Usage Policy(FUP) expained*

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Like most communities there has to be a set of rules in place to protect the interests of the many. Being a wireless network, we – through the limitations of the technology, available spectrum and weather conditions, amongst others – have many limitations with equipment and the environment in so far…

We’re going well now thou lad

Just tested out some new kit last night, getting well over the 100Mb thruput which is where we want to be. its a test on a direct link from router to router and i have a funny felling that its limited by the cpu of the Mikrotik 750Gl that I have…

May 2016

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Quick update to the website to remove some non-working pages until we have a chance to put them back in. All grand with the scheme!