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We hope you will never have an issue with our service, but if you do have a problem we will do our best to resolve as soon as we can, or give you the information you need to resolve it – but we can only do this in our spare time so please be patient.

If you have an opinion on how we can provide a better service we would like to hear it.

If we have to do a call out to your premises, and the fault turns out to be on your side, then a €50.00 call-out fee will apply, the purpose of this fee is not to collect revenue but to ensure that the customer will try and make an effort on their side to resolve any problems before calling us out.

We are the cheapest provider, the majority of the revenue goes back into building the network so our margins are tight, therefore we unable to carry any late payments; If your Direct Debit is refused by the bank we will have no option but to cut you off and a re-connection fee of €30.00 is applicable, this cost is to cover bank charges and administration.

We reserve the right to restrict bandwidth to any customer that abuses their connection; the small number of users who feel that they have bandwidth requirements in excess of normal domestic usage are welcome to work with us to see if they can be accommodated. However, persistent breach of limits will be notified and potentially disconnected for the health of the network, without recourse.

All of your online activity will be directly traceable to your connection, and we will comply with all lawful requests to discover your identity. The network is to not be used for illegal activity.

If at any time you feel it’s not working out then please do not hesitate to contact us and we may be able to resell your equipment and refund you some of your installation costs. We do not require a minimum commitment. We do not guarantee a service, but expect to provide a reasonable one.

We will need to upgrade the network from time to time and this may result in possible outages, we will do our best to do this at off-peak periods and notify by facebook or email beforehand.

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